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Rwandan Diaspora Experts to reinforce Rwandan Institutions through Volunteering programme.

Since August 2009 , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Diaspora General Directorate launched a Diaspora voluntary project which will help both private and public institutions in Rwanda to fortify the capacity of their human resources.   This project has been developed in close partnership with VSO-Rwanda with the aim of encouraging skilled Rwandan Diaspora members worldwide to volunteer in Rwanda both for short term and l



Rwandan honoured as young person of the year

Joseph Nkurunziza, a doctor by profession and founder of Never Again Rwanda, was last week honoured as one of the ten 2010 Junior Chambers Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) in the category of contributing to children, world peace and human rights. In a ceremony held in Osaka, Japan last week, Nkurunziza with fellow winners received their awards. A statement from JCI Rwanda states that Nkurunziza was honoured specifica



Rwanda honours former New Zealand diplomat

The former Ambassador of New Zealand to the United Nations, Amb. Colin Keating, was yesterday decorated with ‘Umurinzi’, Rwanda’s Campaign against Genocide Medal, by President Paul Kagame.      He was supposed to have been among those who were honoured by President Kagame during this year’s Liberation Day on July 4, but was absent. Keating served as New Zealand Ambassador to the UN from 1993–1996, and was Securit



Diaspora urges U.S to act on fugitives

Members of the Rwandan Diaspora Global Network, Tuesday November 9, 2010 took streets of Washington DC to call for the United States administration to bring to justice perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.  The protesters gathered in front of the White House and later marched to the State Department to express their anger to the US administration for its inaction in terms of bringing to justice perpetrators of the


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Increased economic hardship
Increased brain drain
Confidence government policies
Stable exchange rate and price
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