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Rwanda is known as a Country of a Thousand Hills, a Thousand Talents and a Thousand Opportunities. The followings are the top 5 reasons why foreign investors and members of the Rwandan Diaspora should invest in Rwanda:

1.    Strong macroeconomic growth

2.    Stable governance climate

3.    Investor friendly and open for business

4.    A gateway to East Africa and the continent

5.    Abundance of opportunities
Vibrant Investment Opportunities


Rwanda offers investment opportunities in all fields, but also focuses on some of such opportunities.  Among the priority sectors, we can underline:

    * ICT and Telecommunication
    * Tourism, Hospitality industry
    * Energy
    * Agriculture processing
    * Infrastructure
    * Mining
    * Financial services
    * Real estate and construction

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Bye Bye Nyakatsi


Main Reasons for increasing remittances in Rwanda (1 points)
Increased economic hardship
Increased brain drain
Confidence government policies
Stable exchange rate and price
All of the above



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