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One Dollar Campaign concept


The Rwanda Diaspora Community participates in the 15th anniversary of the Commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi, by supporting vulnerable genocide survivors

  “Diaspora One Dollar Campaign for Genocide Survivors” 

The 7th of April 2007 Rwanda and the whole world will be commemorating for the 15th time the Genocide against Tutsi (  As it is the practice, the Rwandan Diaspora Community all over the world as well as all the friends of Rwanda, will join Rwandans inside the country to commemorate the Genocide, to fight genocide deniers and revisionists while reflecting on how they can contribute to building their nation, as it is stipulated in the theme of the 15th anniversary of the Tutsi Genocide[1].

The programme of the Genocide Commemoration events planned by the Rwandan Diaspora is wide: Prayers and church services, public lectures and talks, commemoration messages, exhibitions, genocide films, brochures, fliers, posters, marches and night vigils in remembrance of the genocide victims, etc……  

 The novelty in all these events is that all commemoration activities and ceremonies will be combined with the mobilisation of members of the Rwandan Diaspora to contribute to One Dollar Campaign for Genocide Survivors project.  

 The Diaspora One Dollar Campaign for Genocide Survivorsis a project designed by the Rwandan Diaspora community members living in all corners of the globe and supported by the Directorate General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs an lobe d Cooperation ( . It is planned that this project will be implemented starting this year 2009.  The objective of this project is to mobilise members of the Rwandan Diaspora (women, men, children, young and old as well as their friends all over the world), to support vulnerable Genocide survivors especially the youth


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