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Internship background

In the framework of facilitating the Rwandan youth in the Diaspora to follow-up activities and Government programmes, the DGD has an internship programme where these young people come and work in both public and private institutions during their holidays.

The followings are the requirements for the interested people:

1.    Internship application letter addressed to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

2.    Area of interest,

3.    Intern’s CV

4.    Precision about Intern’s availability e.g.  one month, two months etc


N.B: The application should reach the DGD expert one month before the time the intern intends to start the programme in order to allow enough time for relevant arrangements.


The beneficiaries of the programs are;

1.    Rwandan Diaspora: Both programmes (internship and volunteer) are mainly intended for skilled Rwandan Diaspora  professionals

2.    Government institutions: Also the government benefits from the filled gaps by knowledge and skills of its Diaspora


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