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The “Itorero” was a cultural school and it was the channel through which the nation could convey messages to the people regarding national culture in areas such as language, patriotism, social relations, sports, dances and songs, defence of the nation,etc.

The “Itorero” is a Rwandan civic education institution which aims mainly at teaching all Rwandese to keep their culture through its different values such as national unity, social solidarity, patriotism, integrity, bravery, tolerance, the dos and don’t’s of the society,  etc. Through this instrument, Rwandans will also keep informed of Government policies and programmes; which will strengthen ownership of these policies and promote the role of the population in the implementation of these social-economic development programmes.

Civic education is organised by the “Itorero ry’igihugu” institution; under National Unity and Reconciliation Commission for different Rwandese categories such as youth, women, teachers etc. and this programme is available for any Rwandese who wants to attend. Apart from Rwandan Diaspora students, the first “Itorero” has been organised in Belgium for all Rwandans youth living in neighbouring countries and will be followed by one of Diaspora representatives to take place in Rwanda . Thereafter, other sessions will be organised depending on Diaspora availability and arrangements either in Rwanda or in their host countries.



 As for the Diaspora Iterero, in their hosting countries, the registration should take place two months before from Rwandese Embassy or Diaspora General Directorate and Diaspora would be communicated about all preparations. The following are requirements:

 ·         To be of Rwandese nationality

·         To hold Rwandese documents (ID or Passport)

·         To prove that you are a Rwandan Diaspora member (Consular card, Residence permit, foreign Passport or ID)

 For Rwanda Diaspora students, their civic education is organised every summer, by SFAR, MINEDUC, NURC and DGD. The following are the requirements:

 ·         To be of Rwandese nationality 

·         To hold Rwandese documents (ID or Passport)

·         To be not more than 24 years old

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