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Requirements to attend MIDA

Professionals of the Diaspora participating in the MIDA Great Lakes programme are exclusively selected in the framework of the multi-annual projects supported by IOM. In teams of two to five members, sharing their knowledge and practical experience with the beneficiary institutions in the course of short-term voluntary missions. They therefore support local structures during the implementation of selected projects for the period 2010-2012.

 The programme MIDA Great Lakes supports selected institutions for a period of three years(2010-2012).These beneficiary institutions are public or private structures based in Rwanda, DRC, or Burundi involved in development activities in sectors of education, Health, rural development such as universities, hospital professional training centres,  laboratories etc….

 These institutions requested the assistance of MIDA to build the capacity of their personnel  where the local expertise is not available and to better fulfil their mission towards the Burundian, Congolese and Rwandese populations.

The professionals of the MIDA Great Lakes Region Programme taking part in the programme:

·         Should be of Rwandan, Burundian, Congolese(DRC) origin

·         Should be legally and permanently settled in Europe

·         Possess qualification and professional experience corresponding to the needs of the beneficiary institutions selected.

·         Should be qualified in one of the three main sectors of activity of the programme (health, education, rural development) and are therefore these professionals should for example be specilised in nursing, human medicine, veterinary medicine,, agriculture, Forestry, university teaching,, Laboratory Technology,  ITC, Pedagogy , etc……

The MIDA programme supports these institutions by:

  • Setting up partnerships between each institution and a team composed of Diaspora experts
  • Financing a minimum of two to four missions of professionals of  Diaspora, per year and per project, over three years
  • Supporting the equipment and other priority activities in the framework of the projects
  • Providing grants for staff to carry out short-term immersion courses in Europe with the support from Diaspora professionals
  • Supporting the project monitoring and evaluation


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